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B&E Philosophy

    B&E represents our philosophy in dealing with ever-changing new challenges in the 21st century business environment.  “B” stands for Balance and “E” means Excel.  Simply speaking, when we stay in balance, we can easily excel in whatever we have a mind to do.

    For a working individual, the balance in work and life provides ultimate success in the person’s long-term career path.  For a company, the balance of profit growth vs. leader/people development is often the key that drives the company uphill or downhill in the overall success.

    The balance in these areas often involves important and even difficult decisions to make.  We help organizations look at these equilibrium points and decision making process so as to create the best business results and highest employee satisfaction.

    A suitable amount of stress is a healthy stimulus for people to keep themselves alert and responsive to external challenges, but nowadays people find themselves having much more stress in work and life than that they can handle.  Our goal is to help the leaders to keep their stress in balance to their success, and assist the leaders to help their subordinates to do the same.


    We aim to help organizations go through the shortest path to increase productivity and organizational effectiveness, with people development.


    We believe in people development. While systems and processes are critical foundations to business success; its the people who will make a difference.

    The most effective adult learning does not result from what is being taught, but rather how the message is conveyed. We therefore design and ensure the best learning methodology, environment and facilitation.

    We value long-term partnership with organizations; we grow with our clients.

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