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    In our experience with working adults, the most powerful way in training is not to teach, but to help the adults learn. The methodology we use to achieve this is called the (3Ds) approach.

1. Discover

    Adults possess all the potentials and resources required in their personal and professional development, and our job is to help them discover their talents and capabilities hidden inside. Once they have the awareness of their abilities, they will have much better confidence in finding a way to overcome the issue.

2. Do

    With confidence in what they possess, they will be bold and decisive enough to make an attempt to handle a difficulty or solve a problem. Instead of sitting back and observe, they will be more pro-active to engage themselves in the work and find success through trial and error.

3. Duplicate

    Nowadays knowledge can be acquired quite easily, thanks to the accessibility of the internet and mass media. While a lot of people may know how to succeed, only a few do make the achievement because they are the ones who actually turn their knowledge into a habit at work. In our training interventions, we emphasize the following activities so that the 3Ds learning journey can be fully experienced and traveled.
3D Stage

Learning Activities

  • Self reflections
  • Group discussions
  • Sharing of personal experience
  • Presentations
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Class or group exercises
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Personal action plan
  • Reminder visuals
  • Buddies’ support
  • Reinforcement measures (post training review, sharing of success stories, etc.)

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